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Timely, relevant, and game-changing. But be warned: this book is not meant to just be read; it’s meant to be experienced.

We are living in times of constant change and disruption. But while the times have changed dramatically, we do not have new rules for how to succeed in our new world. With its unique blend of strong storytelling reminiscent of The Alchemist, and strong direction-setting for both your work and life, FutureProofed is both a journey and step-by-step practical guide tailored to the fast-changing times that we live in. 

Drawing from her own research and consulting practice, and the latest in business, neuroscience, psychology, and design thinking, Dr. Natalia Peart presents a new paradigm and step-by-step pathway for thriving in fast-moving times.

In these pages, you will learn to:

  • Navigate the new road that we all must travel.
  • Build career confidence, whether you’re working for someone else, or for yourself, by shifting from just finding your next job to creating a playbook and system for your success.
  • Achieve peace of mind by increasing your own financial safety and security.
  • Master the one constant in life—change—by building the mental fitness you need to thrive regardless of what is happening around you.
  • Develop a success lifestyle by effectively using your time, energy and attention to live a life that is satisfying and meaningful to you.
  • Reach for the sky by using your own success to impact the lives of others.

FUTUREPROOFED is the journey and experience we all need right now. This book is a wake-up call that challenges your assumptions of what it takes to be successful in our more complex world. It provides a clear roadmap for greater clarity even in increasing uncertainty, as well as empowers you to move forward with confidence toward a more inspired future.

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Dr. Natalia Peart is a Psychologist who has spent more than 25 years helping people and organizations achieve professional and personal success. In her various roles as a clinical psychologist, working for companies such as Gallup and the Corporate Executive Board as a Fortune 1000 leadership and performance consultant, as a Chief Officer for a foundation, the President/CEO of a nonprofit organization and as an executive and personal consultant, she has always been driven by a desire to solve tough problems. Dr. Natalia’s distinctive career path and varied experiences have uniquely positioned her as a leading change expert for both people and organizations.

Dr. Natalia is the Founder and CEO of the Catalyst Innovation Group, LLC. She has been featured in various media outlets including FOX4 KC, Dr. Drew Pinsky Midday Live, Wall St Journal Radio Network, Small Business Advocate Radio Show, and Women’s Watch CBS Radio Network.

She earned her B.A. with Honors in Psychology from Brown University, her PhD. in Clinical/Community Psychology from the University of Maryland, and completed her Clinical Internship at Harvard Medical School. She has served on the Federal Reserve Board, 10th District.

Natalia Peart

Consulting Services


Dr. Natalia’s proprietary consulting system gives you a new blueprint, strategy, and skills to bridge the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be. Whether you are looking to make progress in your current position, change jobs or careers, start your own business, reinvent your life or anything in between, she can help you reduce the uncertainty and risk, increase your confidence and sense of control, and gain the financial security, success and sense of fulfillment you ultimately desire.

Her consulting system is also supplemented with a suite of tools and resources for a true results focused experience.

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